Nicaragua confirms its participation at Miss Universe


daniela-torres-miss-nicaragua-universe-2015While Mexico decided to boycott the Miss Universe pageant this year and with some contestants in the nationals of Guatemala and other Latin American countries decided to quit, Nicaragua meanwhile affirms its participation at the pageant. The Miss Nicaragua spokesperson, Eduardo Guevara, told Canal 15 that although they are against what Donald Trump has said about Mexican immigrants, they will still honor their contract with the Miss Universe pageant.

“We clearly do not agree with what Trump said about the Mexicans [immigrants], but if we will not participate, we can be sued,” clarified Guevarra. “We can’t blame the organizers of Miss Universe by the statements of Donald Trump.”

Daniela Torres, Miss Nicaragua 2015, is currently preparing herself for the pageant. No Nicaraguan beauty has ever won the Miss Universe crown and so far it has only landed in the semifinals for three times. In 2013, Natasja Bolivar was in the Top 16. She also won the Best in National award.




  1. I am not agree with Nicaragua’s decition to send their delegate to the miss universe 2015. Donald trump did talked trash about Mexicans immigrants but also about central americans and south americans (latinos in general) so if they dont consider themselves latinos or central americans thats their problem… by the way thanks Costa Rica for joining Mexico in not participate in miss universe…

  2. It is a shame that the owners of Miss Nicaragua organization will go to Miss Universe. For Americans, when they speak about Mexican they refer not only people from Mexico, is people from Mexico up to Chile and to everybody looking latino, Where is the dignitiy of people from Nicaragua??????