Bogota withdraws its bid to host Miss Universe


The mayor of Bogota has declared that it is officially withdrawing his city’s bid to host the Miss Universe pageant. This is in response to the racists remarks of Donald Trump made against illegal immigrants particularly the Mexicans.

“Bogota declines its aspiration to be the host city of the next competition,” the capital’s Tourism District Institute said in a statement. “The decision was taken after the disrespectful remarks against the Latino and Mexican community of the United States by Donald Trump.”

The next edition of Miss Universe according to reports is supposedly to be held in early 2016. Bogota is considered as the leading bidder as the current Miss Universe, Paulina Vega, is from Colombia.



  1. Jajajajajajajaja, This racist man is getting alone, and now Macys just cut ties with this horrible racist man, I think Miss Universe 2016 will win Miss USA, do you know why? because USA will be the only contestant to participate, and the judge will one, be this racist man.
    Bravo Colombia, we love you

  2. Since no one is willing to host this year’s Miss U, Donald Dump Trump will hold the Miss U at his Mar-a-Lago mansion. He will be the host/ hairstylist/ gown designer/ judge and will strip dance for intermission. He will be promoting his new Gravity Defying hair products. And he will take the girls on a tour to his bedroom. The winner will be determined on who can make his micropenis erect the longest.

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  3. If miss universe ends great. Then miss USA with go to Miss World. MU was a shit contest anyway as it only favored latina whores who Donald trump liked to fuck offstage and Venezuelan and Puerto Rico bitches always fared well bcoz they knew how to itch around Colombia was a true beauty thoughshe is a latina but she is a good valued latina woman who has natural beauty and confidence and intelligent. A good role mode for girls to be natural and believe in themselves . Paulina Vega will always be the best MU. Better then gorilla Gabriela islet and monkey Olivia culpo