Miss Universe Organization issued a statement


The Miss Universe Organization issued a statement via its Instagram account.

MUO-Logo-300x300The 2015 Miss USA pageant will still take place in Baton Rouge on July 12th. We are disheartened by recent events but the show will go on.

The Miss Universe Organization operates as an independent company. In its 64 year history, and under many owners, Miss Universe has developed into a globally recognized brand, with nearly 150 franchise holders domestically and internationally, the majority of whom are small business owners.

The Miss Universe Organization is built on a foundation of inclusion and continues to be a celebration of diversity and of all cultures. This year’s Miss USA contestants represent many different ethnic backgrounds, including six Latinas (four of whom are of Mexican descent.)

Annually, nearly ten thousand young women all around the world participate in Miss Universe pageant events. We continue to welcome those from all backgrounds to enter our system. Our franchisees work tirelessly every day to empower young women to be confident and to be their personal best while raising awareness and millions of dollars for philanthropic endeavors.

While world politics and other influences will undoubtedly play a role, the pageant will always seek to transcend controversy. It is unfortunate that recent events beyond our control have only served to negatively impact the women who participate in the pageant, our state directors, our sponsors and our fans. We want our supporters to know we remain committed to them and we will be conducting the pageant, regardless of the current situation. We are moving forward, full-steam ahead as planned for the next two weeks, culminating in the crowning of a new Miss USA on July 12th. -MUO


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  2. Miss universe is an international & traditional event. It should be organized by an international organtization not just by an american businessman. as they say it is the beauty counterpart of the olympics so it should be one

    • Yes. Sad but true. For the past years it has becoming an american production just like the other nbc show. With american guest, american judges, even american celebrity hosts. It shoul be a contribution of international community. international, world class production is what miss universe contest /final proper should be.

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            I completely agree with you that every country should have a fair chance to win the competition. Do you know this before concluding that I am a racist? Read my previous comment. Did I say that I reject your view that Europeans or Asians should not win? But you know what, I concluded that you are a racist because you call women from Latin American with nasty names. I agree with your main point of view, but I reject how you argue for it! Take some critical thinking class!