Miss Universe Updates :: The next edition of Miss Universe is NOT even in Doral


An article from Miami Herald has been published just recently and claims that an anonymous yet reliable source is saying that although Doral will be coughing a huge $2.5 million, the pageant is technically not going to be held there! Here’s some parts of the article from the newspaper. The complete article can be read HERE!

It must also be noted that the Miss Universe Organization is yet to announce anything with regards to the schedule and venue of Miss Universe 2014 as of the press time.


Come January, nearly 100 glamorous contestants from around the globe will converge at Florida International University, located a few miles away in unincorporated Miami-Dade. The university Wednesday evening had not yet announced it would host the pageant, but the Miami Herald confirmed FIU as the pageant site through multiple sources.

That means that the prime-time TV coverage, which is also beamed out to about 190 other countries, may showcase FIU more than the local city that’s subsidizing the whole affair. Doral has committed $500,000 in taxpayer funds, with Boria promising to raise another $2 million from private donors to support the billionaire’s extravaganza.



  1. To win in this edition is absurd. Winner gets a title of MU 2014 but is held in 2015, then passes the crown to another winner a few months later to MU 2015.

    This will definitely a not so exciting year for the contestants.

    • Why is this absurd? Gabriela Isler won Miss Venezuela in 2012, competed in 2013 and reigned all year in 2014. She will even extend it to January 2015. Funny you never thought that to be more absurd. LOL

      A lot of countries select their representatives a year ahead of the actual competition. The assignment is the actual edition (62nd, 63rd or 64th). So 2014 or 2015, it’s no big deal.