Miss Universe Paraguay 2014 under fire for her tweets


Be careful on what you tweet! Less than 48 hours after she was crowned, Miss Universe Paraguay Sally Jara, is under fire for her tweets she made a year ago. The tweets were considered racist and discriminatory and the Paraguayan press are all over it. About a year ago, Sally Jara posted tweets making fun of fat people as well as claiming to have pushed a fat black girl. In her first post she made fun about the claim that what matters most in a relationship is love and not the physical characteristics of a person. In her second post she claimed, “Yesterday I pushed a fat black girl when I turned around” and made fun of the girls appearance.


One press report said that Sally claimed her twitter account was hacked. This is a rather ridiculous claim as the tweets were made a long time ago. The account was since then removed online but questions were raised over the attitude and personality of the new Miss Universe Paraguay. However, during a live interview yesterday in Teleshow, Sally has finally admitted that she made the tweets but denied that she is a racist or a person who discriminates. “Yes, I wrote these in 2012,” she said “But it was intended for a specific person that was bothering me at that time and it was never my intention to offend others. I never discriminated anyone. I was and will always be respectful.”