Miss Universe 2013 first runner-up, a lesbian?


Well, she was the obvious favorite and a lot of observers were left wondering why the beautiful Miss Spain Patricia Yurena Rodriguez failed to win the crown and settled for first runner-up instead. The sexy and irresistibly hot Patricia recently revealed her true self in the social media. In her instagram post, Patricia Rodriguez revealed that she is a lesbian and posted the photo with her lover named, Vanesa Klein. The instagram post says #sinfiltros con @patriciayurena


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  1. so what?………………….what’s the problem?……………ain’t she have the right to love who’s ever she want to or not?

  2. that’s nothing! watch out for miss univerese 2013 3rd runner up ariella “arinola” arida of the philippines finally admits that she(or he) is really a man! 🙂

  3. What is the meaning of “revealed her true self”????? Only sexual orientation/sexuality determines a person’s true self? Grow up admin!

  4. Yeah, I don’t see any problem in it… I hope it was not like that it is a reason why she end up as a first runner up.

  5. Patricia should have been crowned Miss Universe but I don’t think she was denied that crown because she is a lesbian, I believe that Donald Trump will NEVER let any woman who competed in Miss World win the Miss Universe Pageant.