1. VIETNAM – Huong Pham is a consistent favorite. Everybody is talking about her and everybody is putting her in their list. No doubt she is the best from Asia and the best from Vietnam to ever compete at Miss Universe. They even called her as Honey Lee version 2!
  2. FRANCE – Grabbing slowly the attention of the pageant analysts, Flora Coquerel will not be wasted at Miss Universe. Unlike on what happened at Miss World last year, Flora is putting in a razor like focus on the pageant. She’s now showing her elegant and sophisticated side as evidenced by her Fadil shots.
  3. COLOMBIA – Vivacious, outgoing and fierce – these are the words that most people describe Ariadna Gutiérrez. When she is in a room you will not miss her. A back-to-back is indeed very possible.
  4. INDIA – Days through the competition, Urvashi Rautela’s star continue to shine. Never fading, she is poised to make a huge impression in the contest.
  5. USA – Olivia Jordan is fighting in the competition in stealth mode. Not much is being talked about her, but she is very consistent, a very solid competitor well in fact. A Top 5 finish is very much expected.


  1. DOMINICAN REP – She’s one of the most talked delegate and very visible in any occasion. Clarissa Molina’s beauty is undeniable and has a strong chance to win her country’s second Miss Universe crown.
  2. BRAZIL – Marthina Brandt’s beauty is always full of sophistication and elegance. If the new owners are looking for a model-like winner, they will find all of that in Marthina.
  3. THAILAND – Aniporn Chalermburanawong is a catwalk killer and her Fadil shots shows the supermodel in her. Very elegant – oriental yet could be a universal type of beauty.
  4. JAPAN – Ariana Miyamoto’s beauty has been muted a bit lately but don’t count her out yet. She is still the darling of the Western press for representing the changing attitude of Japan with regards to race.
  5. AUSTRALIA – Aussie beauties are hard to ignore. Monika Radulovic is a refreshingly beautiful woman with a care-free spirit.




BUBBLING UP:  Netherlands, Kosovo, Denmark, Great Britain, Indonesia



  • Nick N

    Wow..go miss VIETNAM..your beauty is just to die for

  • Trường Dạy Nghề Tóc

    The Glory is shinning on #missvietnam … We love Hương Phạm !!! Go on girl !!!

  • Harry


  • Hunter Wu

    Look at Miss Vietnam, she has a wonderfully bright smile

  • Lara Kendana

    Miss Vietnam has such a big mouth. Hope her brain is just as big considering she had 4 attempts before she won the Miss Vietnam Universe. Miss India looks like she works in the Bunny Ranch. Too much make up, boobs and butt I just can’t go past that. Miss Colombia like Miss India is the same thing- big boobs and big butt- Bunny Ranch material. She also has a masculine face. Miss USA will make it to the top 5 because Miss Universe is rigged since 99% of the judges are Americans.

    • Tony Cote

      Holly shit ! Live a little.

    • Hoang Dong

      Pham Huong is a lecturer of College of Tourism. For sure she is very well – educated and has a brilliant brain.

  • Fiona

    wow miss Vietnam is very beautiful

  • Steve Canright

    Vietnam has that look of miss universe, she just need a crown on her head. France and Thailand are pretty as well.

  • Miss Brazil is Top 5 material, but anyway, everytime you underestimate Brazilian girls (almost every year), they always do well in the competition LOL

  • Dee

    Miss Jamaica is stunning! This could be Jamaica’s year.

  • Hoang Dong

    Miss Viet Nam deserves to be the Miss Universe 2015. We have waited for this moment for such a long time. I have a dream. A dream that Viet Nam will be called the first ever Miss Universe.

  • Eastwind

    The Christmas and New Year’s eve will be really happy and radiant if Pham Huong – Viet Nam is called to be Miss Universe 2015.
    She meets all the expectation: well – educated, radiant smile, body has charming curve, proficiency in English,. Pham Huong is the essence of Vietnamese’s girls.

  • aster

    I find the rankings in your hot picks a bit off from reality. I’m sure the final result will be a lot different.

    • John Charles

      Yes, I think Vietnam won’t be top 10.

  • Tanluc Nguyen

    Miss VIET NAM will win

  • Lara Kendana

    After watching the contestants walk on stage during the prelims, these are my top 15 based on that performance alone and their gowns:

    1. Angola
    2. Australia
    3. Belgium
    4. Brazil
    5. Colombia
    6. Dominican Republic
    7. India
    8. Mexico
    9. Myanmar
    10. Peru
    11. Philippines
    12. Thailand
    13. USA
    14. Venezuela
    15. Vietnam

    • Tom

      Brazil is an elegant classic queen and she’s not snob ; love her !!!!!!!!

  • Karen Fuller

    Dominican Republic is gorgeous and so genuine.

  • Karen Fuller

    Dominican Republic

  • Tom

    Brazil !!!!!!!!

  • maría gabriela carvajal suarez

    Go Venezuela

  • Steve

    Huong Pham – Viet Nam must be and should be Miss Universe 2015. She is just more than an angel. Look at the curve of her body. Amazing magnet.

  • Tiên Tú

    Pham Huong is the pride of the country us- Vietnam. In my eyes she was perfect deserved to TOP 5 Miss Universe !! I Love Pham Huong and Vietnam

  • marlet

    Most Beautiful faces for me (in no particular order)
    Dominican Republic