FINAL HOT PICKS:: The 63rd Annual Miss Universe Pageant – Doral




Miss Colombia Paulina Vega is that ethereal beauty that screams royalty and class. What makes Paulina stand out is her ability to project herself as an elegant woman onstage. Her beauty is also top notch and her body has the correct proportions. In overall, she is a perfect package. Her presence is undeniable and she has a very strong showing at the preliminaries.

Early on, there were some rumors about her attitude but whether it is true or not, there is now a general agreement among pageant enthusiast that she is the “one”. If this will indeed materialize, Colombia will be blessed by its second Miss Universe crown after decades of waiting.

Miss Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa is in the competition to win it. She is however a divisive figure which is either you hate her or love her. To the most she has a divine body figure but some would look rather short. To some she is a fierce Latina-like beauty but many profess that her beauty is not really their cup of tea.

There is no question though that when it comes to her catwalk, she is top-notch. She is by the far the most superior among the 88 contestants when it comes to the runway and she will nail way higher scores when finals night comes.

Miss Dominican Republic Kimberly Castillo is one of the underrated candidates than can simply spoil the fun of the front-runners. One of the chief complaints of pageant observers is her rather thin frame but let’s say she is lithe. She has all the elegance in the world and is a head turner when it comes to the facial beauty. She also had a blast during the prelims where she looked very queenly and confident.

Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennel is the Halle Berry of the competition. Yes, one can’t just stop saying that because she really is. She’s got the confidence of Yendi Philips but tempered with her class and elegance. Her hair is a stand-out and for the right reasons. Kaci has also a stunning body figure and she’s just an intelligent conversationalist.

Miss Ukraine Diana Harkusha has been an underdog in the competition until the prelims day. She wowed the pageant enthusiasts worldwide with her beauty and body. She may not have chosen the best of gowns but she carried it anyway like a pro.





Miss USA Nia Sanchez is full of spontaneity and that “this-is-me” attitude. She’s genuine and has a great rapport with anyone she talks to. Her gown choice was excellent and did well at the prelims. It would be difficult to miss a Miss USA at the Miss Universe competition.

Miss Mexico Josselyn Garciglia is just angelic onstage. Her beauty exudes wholesomeness and heavenly touch. She is the best that Mexico can truly offer and she has been a favorite from the start of the competition. Her walk is refined and her body is something that most pageant watchers can drool on.

Miss Argentina Valentina Ferrer is truly a supermodel and makes you wonder how come it took Argentina several decades to send this bombshell. Her legs will just render you speechless. Her catwalk is truly professional and her beauty can comfortably mingle with Victoria’s Secret angels.

Miss Costa Rica Karina Ramos knows exactly how to present herself onstage. She’s got that much-needed charisma and it is very evident that she is well trained.

Miss India Noyonita Lodh is a Ximena-look alike, who are both exotic and fierce. Her beauty is also divisive but she looks like she’s having fun all throughout the competition that her confidence is simply oozing.




Miss Czech Republic Gabriela Franková has been out of the radar of the many but there is something about her that can upset the whole dynamics of the competition. It also helps that the maker of the new crown is from her country.

Miss Spain Desirée Cordero has been in the list of the many because of her royalty like aura and there is no denying she aced her prelims performance. However, when was the last time you saw a tattooed woman making the cut at Miss Universe?

Miss Indonesia Elvira Devinamira is a woman of confidence and stately demeanor. She has showed the world that her intense training has truly paid off.

Miss Venezuela Migbelis Castellanos has an enormous sash weight and the mainly Venezuelan-descent audience will give her a boost. Nevertheless, she is beautiful in her own right and she is bubbly and has an outgoing personality.

Miss Brazil Melissa Gurgel is fun to watch because she just exudes complete confidence. What she lacks in height she compensates it with her catwalk and great presentation during the prelims.

Guyana, Serbia, Lithuania, Australia and Angola complete the “bubbling up” list, and we will be very happy to see them place in the semis for their beauty, elegance and poise.




  1. Philippines is second?!! are you all insane?! I can name you 30 girls better than her. Oh boy! You fillipos are unbelievable. Really, no comments.

        • Do you really know all the criteria in a beauty pageant? I guess you don’t. Better eat a truck load of your staple food before claiming to be a beauty pageant judge. Peace!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Maybe many are prettier than her . But what we are talking about here is how they present theirselves in the competition . And philippines is way better than the others in terms of presentation . Let’s just think rationally and logically 🙂 thanks

    • No comments? Really? Why are you here insecure faggot?!! You can just read other page moron!! Filipinos are really unbelievable in any ways..bastard!!

      • I love your answer. It’s what I expected. Well honey, let me teach something. I will say whatever I want about that ugly rat who you call Miss Philippines. If you check other sites, MJL is not close to the top 20. I mean, she’s so ugly than even my dogs are more attractive. Call me whatever you want. Your insults make laugh Muahahaha.

        • I’m sorry but i cant help commenting. I have been reading, surfing, browsing, i think everything regarding miss u 2014 since august but most if not all of these articles that i’ve read featured MJL as one of the favorites. She usually landed in the Top 15 if not in the top 10 or top 5. Methinks then that you have a very low opinion and being bias against Miss Philippines.

        • I hope that anyone who has nothing good to say to a certain candidate would rather keep his or her opinion to him/herself. Know something about karma or boomerang?

      • yeah, unbelievably insecure…go get a job…you are wasting your parents money at the internet cafe just to be in this site..

    • Lets remember that this stupid site has kissed her ass all season. Also lets not forget that last years final pick was completely wrong. Zero credibility. Phillipines wont past the top 10

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    • Im a filipina. don’t hate Ms. Philippines being the second. You don’t even know the criteria of the judges. ^_^ let’s all be fair. Godblessyou mwa :*

  2. Its hard to believe that Philippines and Colombia dresses are from the same designer!! It’s obvious the designer is Colombian. Also Philippines has a contract with this designer and must wear his ugly designs for her. She has no say in what she is wearing. All of the filipinos think the Colombia designer is sabotaging Philippines chances. I didn’t believe it until I did some googling and it’s true. Colombian fashion designer Alfredo Barraza has great clothes for Colombia but not for Philippines.

    • I have read an article a while ago, i cant remember where. Sorry for the short memory but it says there that Mary Jane will still be wearing the same gown in the finals. I know that this is not a right decision knowing that the netizens are complaining that it didnt suit her and it is “drab”.

  3. I am more surprise about Dominican Republic in top 3 and Spain in top 12.whaat??
    But Philippines however is in it to win it!!!

    • This is the thing about the Dominican Republic girl. Just like they said in here, she’s the most underrated candidate but really a strong one. I prefer her over spain.

  4. I think Dominican Republic will be the surprise of the night. She’s the most underrated candidate yet one of the strongest one.


  6. is this the first time that the #1 in the previous pick was totally removed in the final list? I love serbia, very beautiful face.

  7. i love colombia because very stunning and beautiful, but they never win because of bad attitude. I remember there was a time when Columbia was grandslam as 1st runner up. 1992, 1993 and 1994.

  8. Why you took Serbia out of the Top 15? Yes, she had an ugly gown, but she still is the most beautiful face of the pageant. Instead of Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Indonesia and Jamaica, you should have placed her. This list is totally absurd.

  9. Unbelievable that the philippines is the second top Lol. Many are prettier than her and her beauty is in average. You can see her ugly teeth whenever she smiles. Her smile looks like the rabbit . Sometimes we can imagine her teeth are very large as the thumbs and go outside of her face as the roof of house. She doen’t deserve with the crown whatever. Shortie with ugly teeth couldn’t be a winner . So disgusting , admin .

  10. Unbelievable that the philippines is the second top Lol. Many are prettier than her and her beauty is in average. You can see her ugly teeth whenever she smiles. Her smile looks like the rabbit . Sometimes we can imagine her teeth are very large as the thumbs and go outside of her face as the roof of house. She doen’t deserve with the crown whatever. Shortie with ugly teeth couldn’t be a winner . So disgusting , admin .

    • You’re totally right. She looks like one of the Admin of missosology, that’s why they’re so connected to her, so disgusting.


    TOP 5


    TOP 10


    TOP 15


    UNDER THE 20’S




  12. with all the Insults and bad things you say to MJL, God bless u all. i think you just dont have manners. you are a waste in this world. promoting negativity and pulling down others that is doing nothing against you.. lets just enjoy tomorrow show! Godbless MJL

  13. AND THEY LEFT OUT SOUTH AFRICA WHO HAD A GREAT PRELIMINARY PERFORMANCE. Damn these analysts, we will see who wins. All these wa-wa over these girls and they can’t answer one damn question straight. Will settle for either Jamaica, India, Spain, Ukraine, Indonesia. South Africa, Angola, Guyana, Dominican Republic, or Netherlands. Colombia got it, Philippines got it yet the over-hyped is too much.

  14. So much discussion on miss philippines, come the finals night we’ll get get to know how the unbaised eyes of judges score her performance

  15. I am tired of this pressure on Miss Philippines to win and how her fans are blind and saying she should win. I think she should not be in final 16, she has too big hips, too flat butt, and her face is not that pretty. And I think she can’t handle the pressure her fans put on her and she has this nervous and very fake smile all the time. She seems like a nice person but she looks fake all the time and she should be herself. It’s a beauty contest and the most beautiful according to judges will win, and all MJ fans are not gonna help by spamming her name on MU fb page. In Venezuela Miss Universe is also important but Migbelis fans are not acting so pushy and desperate. I also think that last 4 candidates from Philippines should not be in top 5 and were only because MU don’t wanna loose popularity in Philippines, which sucks because these candidates look significantly worse than other 4 girls in top 5 when they’re on stage and it’s kinda embarassing for Philippines I think.
    All this push and pressure from fans must be hard on MJ I feel sorry for her and she would perform better without this pressure.

  16. I have to agree. If you are looking at facial beauty Philippines just doesn’t compare. She has a drag queen look to her and her teeth are way too big for her mouth. I’ll have to say she’ll make Top 5 for sure because it seems there are a lot roads that lead to her somehow placing high due to the charity work in the Philippines, the backstage host from the Philippines and of course a judge from the Philippines… Hmmm.. If she wins I would have to say that something has been cooked for this pageant. Wish they didn’t make it that obvious. I think she’s probably a really nice girl and has a great attitude and sexy body so I think placement is more realistic than her winning.

    My top 15 would be

    1) Columbia
    2) Costa Rica
    3) Argentia
    4) Ethiopia
    5) Dominican Republic
    6) Guyana
    7) India
    8) Philippines
    9) USA
    10) Venezuela
    11) Jamaica
    12) Ukraine
    13) Slovak Republic
    14) Kazakhstan * dark horse
    15) Serbia

    Top 5

    1) Columbia
    2) Jamaica
    3) Ukraine
    4) USA
    5) Guyana

  17. Based on the national costume and getting a closer look at their faces

    My top 15 would be

    1) Columbia
    2) Costa Rica
    3) Argentia
    4) Ireland
    5) Dominican Republic
    6) Guyana
    7) India
    8) Philippines ( obvious they are really putting a spotlight on her for some reason)
    9) USA
    10) Venezuela
    11) Jamaica
    12) Ukraine
    13) Spain
    14) Kazakhstan * dark horse
    15) Russia