OPINION :: Should we punish Miss Universe because of Donald Trump?


by Latino Observer


The series of boycotts and cancellations of business relationships with Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants are dizzying these days. It all stemmed from the comment of Donald Trump who called the Mexican immigrants as drug-runners and rapists. There is no doubt that the comments of Trump are repugnant and racist but should we really punish the Miss Universe pageant because of Donald Trump?


The action and words of Trump, how racist it may be, is not even reflected in both Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. The reigning Miss USA, Nia Sanchez, and the current Miss Universe, Paulina Vega, are both Latinas. It is very rare not to see a Latina in the semis and since 2000, 50% of the winners at Miss Universe are Latinas. The Miss France organization even complained that Miss Universe is simply becoming a pageant for Latinas.


So what caused all of these uproar and drama? Well, honor and dignity matters a lot in Latin American nations. As a Latino, losing face is one of the fears and dread that we hate the most. Trump touched the sensitive nerve of the Latinos. TV networks, businesses and the people who severed their ties with Trump are afraid of backlash as Latinos are rapidly increasing in numbers in the US and thus changing its demographics. If the Latinos will boycott these entities, they are at a losing end.


Latinos are exercising their might and power against Trump and while there is no doubt that the racists remarks should be condemned, they should have spared the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. There is simply an overreaction and what the Latinos, especially the Mexicans, are doing do not correspond properly to Trump’s transgressions.


Consider this: In 1993 and in 2007 editions of Miss Universe, Mexicans booed Kenya Moore and Rachel Smith onstage on live TV. The two representatives of United States, who both happen to be black, were harassed and insulted while the world watched on. Isn’t that a form of racism too? Shouldn’t the Mexicans have been accounted for their rude behavior? Shouldn’t it also merit media uproar and condemnation and banning and boycotting? Oh well, instead of such, Mexico even won the Miss Universe crown in 2010.


So all these whining and griping are mere chest thumping – machismo Latino style. We don’t want to lose face, but we never hesitated in shaming others. It’s an overreaction. We have exaggerated things and we just love to blow it out of proportion. And really, it’s a shame. It’s shame how things were manipulated so that we the Latinos will become victims, when we ourselves are not afraid to become the perpetrators.





  1. Wake up, ppl! MUO will die if the Donald continues his ownership of it. It is time for him to go. Whether Kenya Moore was boo’ed or not is beside the point (and not a very strong argument to make here).

  2. It has been blown up to proportion! When is Mexico going to deal with its own problems instead of having citizens escape to the U.S.? Quit playing the victim and own up the truth that the corruption is just as much of the people’s responsibility as it is the governments!

    • WE know that Mexico has problems, but the USA has also problems, those drug dealers have a valid passport and a valid turist visa for travelling to the USA, and they also purchase luxury apartments, .Frpm the other side, the Ilegals crossing the border are humble Mexicans who wants to develop their families, and they contribute to the 10 of the USA GDP. Middle class Mexicans they don’t need to go to another country, so read more before giving comments

      • Yeah where’s your proof?? If you can’t show me legitimate proof where they contribute to the GDP through paying taxes, then your counter argument is invalid

        • The illegals still pay taxes, sales tax every time they shop or pay utilities, state income taxes, they shop and spend their money to promote commerce, taxes when they send money back home and some pay social security through their wages that they wont be able to use. What about you?

    • You obviously Miss Maya is a moron who does not know what you are talking about. The poor Mexicans that made it across the border are working their ass off in the USA taking on menial jobs that help support their families back home. A lot of them are honest hardworking people and not the rapists and drug dealers that Donald Dump is generalizing.

  3. Rachel Smith was booed back in 2007 because despite her falling on stage in the evening gown competition, she still managed to make it to top 5 which was seen as unfair advantage of the USA …The fact that Rachel Smith wasn’t booed when she was called for the top 15 or top 10 proves that this was not a racist incident.

    • I agree, plus Mexico apologized to Rachel Smith. Something that Donald Trump DOESN’T plan to do cuz he only cares about his presidential candidacy remarks even if it means making racist remarks and ruininng a country’s image AND sacrificing Miss U.

  4. Donald trump is right. Mexicans are drug dealers rapists kidnappers and organ stealers. Mexicans r deep shit people ad good out to have latinas. For once no whores on stage.MU will be won by either an Asian, African or European woman who don’t always get chance. Mexicans don’t want to admit that their people r involved in bad activities they want to show that they r inncet well fuck you Mexicans for being such shitheads