63rd Miss Universe: Top Ten Girls at the Prelims


Top Ten Girls at the Prelims
by Ric G. Galvez

Judging a girl based on her preliminary performance is not only a tedious endeavor but hazardous as well. That’s because there is more about the girl than meets the eye and that’s one of the things that I’ve learned so far in my years of experience in analyzing Miss Universe.

Let me give you a good example. Ma. Gabriela Isler won the Miss Universe competition in 2013 yet when we take a look at her preliminary performance especially in the gown segment, she was basically lackluster.

So, we eliminate all things that do not pose significant impact on the contest like the design of the gown. Instead, we focus on the confidence, the aura and overall impact of the contestant onstage. Forget about horrendous hairstyles or bad gown styles rather focus on the catwalk and the total package. Having said all of these, here are my personal favorites post-prelims.

SouthAfrica10.) South Africa – Ziphozakhe Zokufa showed class and elegance throughout the competition and the moment I laid my eyes on her, I knew this girl has something to show at the prelims. She’s like a stealth ninja. She does not scream for attention but she is definitely in command when she walks onstage. Her country has just won the Miss World crown and definitely she has the momentum with her and combined with her impeccable prelims performance, this girl will be a spoiler to so many early faves.

SERBIA9.) Serbia – Andjelka Tomašević delivered a below par performance but she has a beauty to flaunt around. When she walked on the stage, her aura simply caught the attention of the many despite the fact that her gown is so-so. They called her as the Face of the 63rd Miss Universe and few could perhaps argue with that.

COSTA RICA8.) Costa Rica – Karina Ramos shows why is worthy of the Costa Rican sash. Her training is definitely worth it as she showed great charisma onstage. I am not big fan of these dark colored gowns with busy skirts but Karian carried it well onstage. I am also astounded by her swimsuit performance thanks to her sexy body.

ARGENTINA7.) Argentina – Valentina Ferrer fumbled a bit at the swimsuits but no one could argue that she has a vavavoom body perfect for a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. She’s got these pair of legs that are absolute showstopper. She is definitely the strongest Argentine beauty we’ve seen in years! A rough diamond, but nevertheless a diamond!

JAMAICA6.) Jamaica – Kaci Fennel’s class speaks in volume and it is very evident onstage. Her unique hairstyle is truly a standout and there is no doubt that she got the judges attention. Her body is just heavenly and she worked her catwalk well onstage.

USA5.) USA – Nia Sanchez has been keeping her best punches until the moment where it truly matters. Nia showcased her elegance and confidence at the prelims and her red shimmering gown truly complements her body structure. Overall, a very good performance.

PHILIPPINES4.) Philippines – Mary Jean Lastimosa knows to project herself in the camera. She walks onstage like she is truly enjoying it. She has her own effortless signature walk that does not scream overcooked.

MEXICO3.) Mexico – Josselyn Garciglia is simply divine. She walked on that stage with sheer divinity – a goddess to the eyes of beauty of connoisseurs. Subtleness is her style and it is effective because it didn’t appear to be overdone but rather her beauty queen aura was just served right onstage.

SPAIN2.) Spain – Desirée Cordero is a delight to the eyes. She has that undeniable confidence and her beauty truly stood out. Her figure is top notch and her confidence is oozing. Among the contestants at Miss Universe, there is a broad consensus that she is in the competition to win and no one can rank her below the Top 5.

COLOMBIA1.) Colombia – stage presence, stage presence and more stage presence. Notice how Paulina Vega walked onstage at a slower pace. That gives the audience – and the judges – a clearer glimpse of her glorious beauty plus it gives her an aura of royalty. After all, queens and empresses don’t hasten at red carpet. They savor the moment. The swimsuit performance of Paulina is also unforgettable for she has a statuesque figure. She is just a shapely beauty queen who commands the attention of all.


  1. I think the top 15 will be like this( not that i agree because some girls just HAVE to be there): Spain, Jamaica, Ecuador, Ukraine, Colombia, Usa, India, Phillipines, costa rica, argentina, venezuela, thailand, australia, italy, and slovakia….

  2. “we eliminate all things that do not pose significant impact on the contest like the design of the gown.”…so that some girls with the worst gowns can be highlighted..and that some girls in your list are pretentious with their confidence…its obvious who is confident without going over the top…your article is weak

  3. colombia


    costa rica




    dominican rep








    puerto rico


  4. Miss Jamaica is a beauty, like no other beauty. Time to breathe some life into the Miss Universe pageant. Crown this girl already!

  5. Miss Universe is one pageant that is really unpredictable. whatever happens, I hope the audience would be satisfied with the results this time. and I hope that my fellow FIlipinos won’t bash other candidates and learn to respect others opinions and judgments. Remember that winning this kind of event needs luck as well. So no matter how good the candidate is, if she does not have luck, she won’t get in and eventually not win.

    Let’s just wish our own country’s representative to have the best of luck.

    Don’t hate me, i just said what i had to say.

    • What I dont like about the Filipinos fans is that they don’t know to respect the others opinions without attacking arrogantly and that is exactly what creates a common hatred among fans of other countries against the Filipinos because of this bad behavior. Let’s wish luck to our contestants without attacking other people’s opinion.

      • I guess you are already generalizing the Filipino fans.. every person is different …your behavior is not the same as your siblings right? I guess that answers your generalized statement…wake up dude, its a free world either you ignore the bashings or you deal with it in a negative way…your choice…well if you are 5 years old then probably I would understand LOL..

        • See, I just made a simple comment and already appeared one of you complaining about it LOL It’s obvious that I have generalized, there is no way to specify people I don’t know and it’s obvious that I know that not all Filipinos are like that, but many that are active on the internet is annoying. It just needs a comment about MJ or your people that several manifest. You just need to calm down and respect other opinions, no discussion here will change the final result, only the judges can do this. Peace!

          • LOL. That Gemma thing is a character. She just proved you right. She just dug a hole tsk tsk… Yeah it’s free world Gemma, but you have to face the consequences. You can’t force people to ignore your comments. People will react, just like what you just did. HAHA

        • I’m a Filipino and I totally get what you mean (to Mozart Herbert). Some of us have the skins of onion who can’t take constructive criticism. I believe that as a human being we should be courteous and polite to one another. Unnecessary throwing of shades causes division and war… and I’m just talking about beauty pageants. lol

      • I’m a Filipino and I totally get what you mean. Some of us have the skins of onion who can’t take constructive criticism. I believe that as a human being we should be courteous and polite to one another. Unnecessary throwing of shades causes division and war… and I’m just talking about beauty pageants. lol

      • if i were you, i wont give a shit about what those insecure pinoy say, i just say what i want to say about the pinoy. it´s not like your economy will be affected if you win or lose the crown. only superficial and shallow pinoy think that this pageant will bring income to their dilapidated country. they have won numerous pageant title but still the country is like a shit hole.

    • Admit it, everyone commenting on a pageant show is emotionally charged lol don’t be a fool ahaha ‘peace’ out. At the end of the day, only Donald Trump will get the dough. Ok so this one person says the reason why Philippines is so hated by other countries is because Filipino fans bash a lot and are arrogant. But that’s just simply jumping in the generalizing bandwagon. Many countries including Thailand actually love miss Philippines. And some may hate out of envy. Whatever it is, fans from Other countries also hide behind their computer screens and bash online. That’s just one downside of technology. Hey, This is a simple response to a simple point of view. Any rabid response, I’m open to it too 😉

      • I see no reason why “Thailand” should envy Filipinos, they are way better, economically, culturally, and in terms of beauty they are more authentic. This year’s Thailand representative was way more beautiful that your candidate, taller, classier, and well received by the crowd. No one in his right mind would envy a Filipino, you have nothing to feel envy for, you rather inspire pity.

  6. Pageantry is not all about the smile, the beauty and the body. Remember all of them are already beautiful. They will be judge by their confidence and wit especially during the Q & A Portion, let’s hear their answers!

  7. I really don’t get what they are claiming about Miss Serbia, I don’t think she’s that pretty and she looks older. Of course the way they carry themselves has big impact, but I do think the dress is also very important. Zuleika Rivera won Miss Universe because that chain dress looked amazing on her and Ximena’s red dress was unforgettable. With that in mind, Miss Argentina’s dress is terrible, I can only look to her vajayjay and looks cheap. Miss Costa Rica’s dress is terrible too, she has eyes on her boobs and the bottom part looks like a craft project. Miss Phillipines dress gives the impression that she is shorter than she is. The see thru section cuts her body in two and makes it look like a short dress that someone add a different bottom because they ran out of fabric.

  8. I really don’t get what people have about Argentina… I don’t feel impressed about her… She’s beautiful, but I can’t see the gorgeous lady some people talk around here, even after the preliminary competition…

  9. The usual plastic favourites were cheered the most at pre lims…don’t see the fuss about them when there are really naturally gorgeous girls around.

  10. It’s funny how missologists ALWAYS ignore Miss Brazil and year after year we always places better than everyone think. Melissa Gurgel did a pretty good job in the Preliminary Show, I see her in Top 10 and if she can do her amazing catwalk in the final night like she did in Miss Brazil, she can jump easily to the Top 5.

    • missosology is a pinoy-owned website. anything that is better than them or seen as a threat they will either do not make it their story or produce derogatory article on that contestant….it´s the pinoy “crab mentality”… a trait they are so proud of.

        • To be fair to the person who wrote the article, I believe he did it as “impartially” as he could. But the thing with beauty is it will always be subjective, as each person has their own taste, preference, and bias. Being that the writer is from the Philippines it’s only natural that he finds Miss Philippines a good candidate. Now I agree that Miss Brazil did a very good job in the prelims, in fact, I would place her in my top 10. But I don’t think it’s fair to say the site is not serious or impartial just because their “biases” don’t coincide with ours. Just my opinion. 🙂

    • Miss Guyana could place in the top 5, if not win it all! I like her a lot- beauty, intelligence, overall performance. She reminds me of Miss Botswana (Miss Universe) years ago who won over a Miss Philippines (first runner up). Watch out for her. I’m Filipino by the way.

  11. It is very obvious that Missosology tries to ignore the excellent performance of Miss Venezuela and people that say they do not want Venezuela to win again is just because they are very jealous. Keep in mind that Venezuela has won so many international jus because but because these girls work very hard. Let’s see this Sunday how Miss Venezuela will shine again.

  12. My fearless forecast:

    Top 15: Philippines, Colombia, Spain, Jamaica, USA, Serbia, Costa Rica, India, Thailand, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Ukraine, Argentina, Mexico

  13. Why is it that contestant who doesn’t know how to speak English need a translator and participate. I doesn’t make sense.

    • That is not a rule to participate in MU contest, and never has been, some of them can speak English but they feel comfortable in their first language. As you see, the current MU MGI answered the question in Spanish but she’s fluent in English. Period!

      • Like questions and answer portion, you can not see if the contestant is clever or not because they have a translator, and they have time to think the right answer especially not to mention latin america, if the contestant can realy speak English then she doesn’t need a translator to be fear to other contestant. Like in Europe all of them have their own languages,

  14. Miss Colombia’s gown was among the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful. But as you said, it’s not about the gown, it’s about the total performance and package. Miss Colombia must have committed a mistake by walking too slowly during the gown competition. Remember that there are models and people in the fashion industry among the judges and they are used to and probably expect brisk walking on the runway. I think Miss Costa Rica’s performance in the gown competition, which came right after Miss C’s, was much better than Miss C’s. Miss CR “burned” the runway after that sleepy walk by Miss C.

  15. I see fans posting the same candidates over and over saying “she will win – her dress is beautiful”..etc..etc.. based on pure looks.. not brains. As someone else said on this thread, “this is totally unpredictable”. That is because the piece that really pushes more candidates into the top15 is the interview the day after the preliminary competition. That’s the day when the candidates are interviewed one by one by ALL the judges. So.. who knows. I just hope the winner has a combination of both (brains and beauty), just like the current Miss Universe. Good luck to all!

  16. Philippines, seriously? the are other girls who deserve the placement…but then i realized it´s missosology – a website established by pinoy to flatter the pinoy…


  18. Miss Universe is Miss Venezuela again…..


    Back to 2007,2008,2009…. Almost similar to 2012,2013,2014

    When 2007, Ly Jonaitis won 2nd runner up
    When 2008, Dayana Mendoza won
    When 2009, Stefania Fernandez won it again, coincidentially, that year also Miss Universe Organization introduced new crown.

    Now, attention…

    2012 : Irene Esser won 2nd runner up
    2013 : Maria Gabriela Isler won
    2014 : New crown has been revealed….

    What is missing?? Migbelis to be crowned as Miss Universe…
    Trust me…. she will follow the same pattern….
    Goodluck Venezuela

  19. My favorites after watching the preliminaries:

    1. Ukraine
    2. Colombia
    3. Brazil
    4. India
    5. Indonesia
    6. Mexico
    7. Costa Rica
    8. Thailand
    9. Philippines
    10. USA

  20. I think this pageant is a great avenue for every nation to have the chance to showcase their cultural identity and/or uniqueness which will be reflected through their individual candidates. Everyone has their own image of beauty and galantry which is already been seen before the coronation night. For me, nothing to argue who is the most beautiful woman or the one that should win base on their own self-proclaimed standards. Let the one that standout in her own way, representing best her country in the most presentable way with highly recognizable pure heart and stunning aura win. These candidates deserves an applaud for it is not as easy as criticizing in what they are dealing right now just to give their country an honor of being in this gathering of the most beautiful women in the universe. So just appreciate and express your opinion with respect.