Miss Universe: Will we have the same Top 5?


Will we have the same Top 5 in Miss Universe?

The Top 5 finishers last year include the candidates from Venezuela, Spain, Ecuador, the Philippines and Brazil. Most of these countries are heavyweights in the world of pageantry and with the exception of Ecuador; all are in the Top 10 of the Big4 Ranking. Also, Venezuela, the Philippines and Brazil are the three nations that can claim to have at least a winner in all of the four major beauty pageants – Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth.

Having the same set of countries at Top 5 this year would be boring and it seems like a disenfranchisement of the other less popular and smaller nations. The Philippines for example is enjoying a four-year unbroken Top 5 placement whereas Brazil has currently three while Venezuela has two including a winner. Will these very same countries continue their strong showing at Miss Universe by landing once again at the Top 5?

Miss Venezuela Migbelis Castellanos has the most difficult mission of all – a three-peat in the Top 5 and a back-to-back crown. While one can say that it is impossible, isn’t it that back in 2009, most of the missosologists said that a repeat was extremely unlikely. But remember what happened? With Venezuela, nothing is impossible!

Migbelis was dogged with several controversies and the most talked about is her supposed weight gain. In fact, all of the top winners of the Miss Venezuela 2013 contest had weight problems such that Stephanie De Zorzi, Miss Earth Venezuela 2013, was replaced at the last minute.

In several photos of Migbelis, the missosologists note that her weight gain is still showing some traces. This however should not hurt her chances. She is bubbly, very comfortable with herself and there is an air of confidence whenever she moves. And Doral is the host of the Miss Universe pageant this time around. With such heavy presence of Venezuelans, Migbelis is effectively the current host delegate.

Indeed, it is not that difficult to visualize Migbelis at the Top 5. One can see that she has the spunk of Irene Esser and the wittiness of Dayana Mendoza. Venezuela will once again assert its dominance at the pageant and while a two-peat may not materialize, Migbelis can easily cruise through the Top 5.

Miss Spain Desirée Cordero is carrying the banner of Spain which last year, thanks to the spectacular Patricia Yurena Rodriguez, almost snatched its second crown. Ranked as the 7th most powerful nation in the world of pageantry, Spain is essentially a hit-and-miss nation. Prior to Patricia, Spanish delegates were basically mediocre at best.

The sash value of Spain was already diminished heavily since the early 2000s. Spain made some splash with Diana Nogueira in 1999 but sadly all the spectacular performances lost steam after the semis finish of Eva Sisó Casals in 2001. Claudia Moro managed to be in the Top 10 in 2008 but with poor beauty pageant infrastructure plus diminishing public interest, Spain’s beauty pageant scene is basically in disarray to the point that even the well reviewed Andrea Huisgen in 2012 could not make it to the semis.

Desirée meanwhile, is a well praised candidate and the admiration came from beauty watchers with varied beauty tastes. There is an apparent consensus among pageant observers that she is a force to reckon with in the competition. She cuts as an elegant, classy and statuesque beauty queen. Will this be enough to be in the Top 5? Certainly! But be cautioned that the sash weight of her country might drag Desirée down.

Miss Ecuador Alejandra Argudo is a very poised, curvaceous and a striking beauty. She is meant to seal the deal of the unfinished business of Ecuador in 2013. There is no doubt that she is well trained but she carries a heavy burden of expectations. It was only last year that Ecuador posted its highest placement at Miss Universe and the country in general became hungry for the crown.

Though a Top 5 finish for Ecuador is unlikely this year, Alejandra possesses an admirable fighting spirit. She could be keeping her best punches to the most crucial round of the competition and this actually reminds us of the situation of Constanza Báez last year. Like Constanza, Alejandra lurks under the radar of the pageant observers. But when the prelims and the finals arrive, Alejandra may have a game plan to steal the attention of the judges away from the much hyped and much publicized candidates.

Miss Philippines Mary Jean Lastimosa is displaying all things that scream Miss Universe. She is a divisive figure but she is a stand-out in the crowd. She has a queenly demeanor, she’s very eloquent, and she’s humble and in fact very friendly. Can the Philippines have its 3rd Miss Universe crown? Very possible and Mary Jean can land in the Top 5 with relative ease.

However, one must remember that the Philippines has been consistently enjoying a Top 5 placement since 2000. This trend is already echoing the 1991-2006 run of Venezuela which climaxed at the 1996 win of Alicia Machado. If the case of the Philippines is similar to the case of Venezuela, then the Philippines has to wait till next year’s Miss Universe before it can take home the crown.

But each country has its own unique experience and history at Miss Universe. The Philippines should be making its own path and with Mary Jean, a victory this time around is very possible. With such a shapely body, a scene-stealer face and a confident persona, Mary Jean is at the very least, assured of a Top 5 finish. A crown for her would not really surprise the pageant watchers from the around the world.

Miss Brazil Melissa Gurgel may not be getting the nods of the vast majority of missosologists but expect a last minute rally for this gorgeous girl. What we have learned from the Brazilians since 2011 is that they can really sway the opinion of the judges even if they are unable to do so with pageant watchers and self-styled beauty forecasters.

If there is any clear indication whether she will make it to the Top 5 this year, simply watch the Youtube video showing how Melissa lit the stage on fire during the nationals. She has that fluid moves on stage and her presence is simply undeniable.

Predictions about the outcome of Miss Universe have always been cold towards the Brazilian beauties. It has been a mistake that is repeated for three years on the row. If the predictions this year will show that Melissa is way far behind, that mistake is bound to be committed again this year.


  1. Miss Philippines is THE embodiment of superlative elegance, grace, poise, beauty and sophistication. Her facial beauty is a rarity: fierce yet angelic, sexy yet full of innocence. Her communication skills are formidable; when she speaks, one can’t help but listen. Her catwalk is full of conviction, grace and sexiness. A total package that screams queen!

    To the People’s Queen, Mary Jean Lastimosa, you have the whole Philippines and all Filipinos worldwide behind you. Bring home the 3rd Miss Universe crown to our lovely country! Mabuhay ka!

  2. I like Venezuela a lot!!! despite the peopole say about her weigh, she looks so beautiful and she enjoy everything she is doing there. I love Venezuela, you can do it.

  3. I am fine with the same top 5 as long as it’s a different winner. but that is difficult; it all comes down to the final question. someone who did great in swimsuit and gown could get a difficult final question. but with that said — Philippines bring the title back to asia!

  4. I agree with Spain, Philippines, Venezuela in Top5. However I’m a bit hesitant to put in that list Miss Brazil and Ecuador. They’re just not stand-out for me

    If I am to choose now, I will say:

    1) USA
    2) Venezuela
    3) Spain
    4) Philippines
    5) India

  5. inspite of all the controversies dogging Missosology it astounds me that they can write an absolutely incisive, objective article complete with historical context..well done!

  6. Based on the most recent trailer, I think MUO is signaling the end to Philippines’ consecutive top 5 finish. Noticed how the Latinas clapped & then Colombia pointing to the right gesturing ‘you’re out!’ and then the sashes from L to P (specifically from Lebanon to Poland) were taken away, meaning those countries within that group are gonna be clappers. No Philippines, Mexico & Puerto Rico. Who’s in? USA, Venezuela, Guam, Finland, Great Britain, and possibly the inclusion of Thailand & India although they’re not one of the sashes featured in the clip. Possible winner? It’s definitely going to be a Latina & most possibly USA (FYI: Nia Sanchez is Latina) for the 8th crown (not to be outdone by Venezuela) or Colombia.