Miss Universe 2014 Updates – NDs have no info yet


Miss Universe National Directors from the different countries are yet to receive a formal communique from the MUO as to where and when will be the Miss Universe 2014 pageant. When queried, the MUO replied that there is no contract signing yet in order to seal the deal. But Doral City Mayor Luigi Boria in his alleged twitter account (the account does not have a verified mark although it looks genuine) declared that there will be no Miss Universe 2014. News report suggests that an official announcement will be made on Tuesday, September 16, 2014.


Meanwhile, Missosology posted on what appears to be clerical error in one of the banners of Miss Universe official website. The banner reads Miss Universe 2014 visits the Dominican Republic. The banner raised speculation that Ma. Gabriela Isler is really the Miss Universe 2013/2014. But the banner was removed a day after Missosology raised the “error”. It looks like it was indeed a clerical mistake and this increases the possibility that a 2014 winner will be crowned soon!


There is one thing that is sure in these uncertain times – Miss Universe Organization is working doubly hard to have a Miss Universe 2014 pageant. More updates will be posted soon as more news and information will be picked up from the grapevine.


    • There are updates that seem to be official, but not clearly stated by the MUO yet. That is why fans are anticipating for the official venue and date of event. Most believe that the recent tweets on Twitter by the Mayor of Doral and Trump prove that MU will surely be held in Doral, Florida, USA. However, these signals don’t clarify if the edition will be 2014 or 2015.

  1. Ummm….that banner has not been deleted from the Miss Universe website, it’s still there: “Miss Universe 2014 Visits the Dominican Republic.” So I’m betting that the MUO will pretend that we already HAVE a MU 2014 even though they never HAD a MU 2014 Pageant and that will hold the next pageant next year, in 2015.

  2. The MU silence is quite disturbing regarding the misleading updates. However, my concerns are these: What will happen to the delegates from nations that process visas for more than 6 months? Won’t they join MU2014/2015 in the USA? Also delegates who will be turning 27 next year, will they be replaced by younger ladies?