Beauty Talks with Mary Jean Lastimosa, Miss Universe Philippines 2014


Beauty Talks with Mary Jean Lastimosa
By Drew Francisco for Missosology

She still has two months to prepare before the Miss Universe pageant kicks off in Doral, Florida, but Mary Jean Lastimosa is not slacking.

10552655_1521290728105770_4352258743111442887_n-296x453While she said she is “more relaxed” now because she is given the longest time to prepare, she said she is “learning a lot” from the intensive training she and the rest of the Bb Pilipinas 2014 girls are undergoing.

“Nowadays, beauty queens are on another level. You have to be well-rounded and good in every aspect,” Lastimosa told Missosology at the sidelines of Yvethe Marie Santiago’s send-off event. “In every session that I have, be it in personality development, question-and-answer or putting on make-up everyday, I have to be focused in it.”

Aware that she couldn’t please anyone, Lastimosa said that she also takes into consideration the comments she receives from people.

“I look at it on a positive way that maybe there’s a point why they are saying that (negative comment) so I evaluate myself as well. If they say something that I need to improve on, I focus on that and try to be the best that I could be,” she said.

I evaluate myself as well. If they (critics) say something that I need to improve on, I focus on that and try to be the best that I could be

Enjoying the reign
The good thing about being the last to compete, she said, is that she gets to enjoy her reign as Miss Universe Philippines. “Unlike the previous queens who only enjoy their reign for like three months before they compete, I get to travel around the Philippines, meet and inspire a lot of Filipinos along the way,” Lastimosa said.

25She also gets herself updated with the latest from the expected Miss Universe candidates through social media, as fans keep on tagging her on photos of the other candidates. Asked who she thinks could be her toughest competition, she said Misses USA and Venezuela are among the ones to beat.

“All the girls are gorgeous and beautiful in their own way … but you wouldn’t know because some of [the contestants] will step up when they get there (Doral),” she said.

Claiming victory
Lastimosa shared her excitement about the upcoming competition and hopes to be able to make the Filipinos happy if she wins the Miss Universe crown.

“I’m positive and I’m praying like I did during BBP and I will claim it. It’s the power of the universe,” Lastimosa said. “I’ll just do my best and enjoy the competition … and just be the best representative for the Philippines.”

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