1. Netherlands

2. Mexico

3. India

4. Thailand

5. Philippines

After careful deliberation and thorough analysis by the members of the Missosology family, this year’s final top pick goes to Shauny Bult of the Netherlands.  She is not only tall, beautiful and classy, she is also a very intelligent and a well-accomplished young woman who has a strong passion towards cultural and environmental causes.  She registers very well in photos, and always has a commanding presence wherever she goes.  For Miss International and the Miss Paris Group, Shauny will surely be a huge asset as a print model and a spokesperson.   In second place is Vianey Vazquez of Mexico.  There is no question about Vianey’s extremely photogenic face, and she has always been a favorite by many fans.  Missosology expects Vianey to improve her delivery during the very important speech competition.  There is no doubt that she is Top 10 material, but she has to remember that the final speech was placed for a special reason.  Memorize and practice it thoroughly.   In third place is India’s Jhataleka Malhotra, who is her country’s best hope for their first ever Miss International crown.  Armed with quick wit and a calming beauty, she is one of the most prepared Miss International India in recent years.  In fourth place is Thailand’s Punika Kulsoontornrut who never fails to look glamorous all the time.  Competing in Miss Earth last year is her edge, as she is now equipped with an international pageant experience.   And rounding up the Top 5, is Mary Ann Bianca Guidotti of the Philippines, who is very determined to bring a back-to-back crown for her country, who recently remembered the one-year anniversary of the devastating typhoon that hit the archipelago.

6. United Kingdom

7. Finland

8. Colombia

9. Macau

10. Gabon

Meanwhile, in sixth place is Victoria Tooby of the United Kingdom!  We certainly would not mind seeing Victoria win the Miss International crown because, aside from her beautiful face, she has this endearing personality that makes you want to be friends with her.  Another blonde, Finland’s Milla Romppanen is following in seventh place.  This gorgeous beauty, dubbed as the “most expensive looking” contestant this year also has what it takes to be the next crown bearer.  In eight place is Zuleika Suarez of Colombia, who is the highest ranking black beauty at the final hot picks.  Exotic, sexy and very fluent in English, she is a rare find at Miss International.  The first ever woman of color to win the Miss International crown is also from Colombia, and it happened 10 years ago!  Will Zuleika repeat history?  In ninth place is Hio Min Chan, who is a topnotch delegate coming from Macau.  Since her MAPW days, Hio Min has gained a lot of admirers who is enamored by her extraordinary Oriental look.   And finishing the Top 10 list is Africa’s best hope, Gabon’s Maggaly Nguema, who is not just a mere beauty queen, but an active charity worker in her native country as part of her duties as Miss Gabon 2014.


Bubbling up….

11. Venezuela

12. France

13. Indonesia

14. USA

15. Hungary


Having only a Top 10 this year, out of dozens of beautiful women gave Missosology a headache.  The bubbling up list consists of those delegates whom we believe also deserves to be called in the Top 10 out of their own merit.  The beautiful delegates from Venezuela and France have lots of followers and loyal fans who believe that they are deserving to win the Miss International crown.  Indonesia is hungry for victory as they have never tasted one in BIG4 history, while the USA is also aiming for a major victory for the very first time as “Miss USA” and not as “Miss American Beauty”.  Hungary is also a strong contender for being the only delegate who went through a rigorous four-month reality pageant show where she emerged as the winner.

Honorable Mentions

16. Guyana

17. Argentina

18. Dominican Republic

19. Sweden

20. Canada

Guyana is expected to make strong impact with her national costume and a specially delivered gown by Leo Almodal, which is believed to be around 8 kilograms!  Argentina is this year’s opening salvo, and she surely won’t disappoint.  Dominican Republic is a bit underrated, but she is one amazing young woman who can make a surprise placement.  Sweden is very tall, with a great stage presence, while Canada is an expereinced pageant girl who knows how to perform when it matters the most.





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  1. i hope your prediction will not be a disaster just like your final prediction in MU13 wherein your final choice was israel who did not even place on the top 15. this will at least vindicate you….just my thougth…

  2. Love it! Too funny & hilarious! You missed this one big time. And the winner is: Puerto Rico! Too good. But you know, that’s what you get for having a steady pattern of leaving legitimate beauty queens from Puerto Rico behind. And I already noticed that they haven’t considered yet the contestants for the 2015 Miss International, World and Grand International, all three beautiful ladies. There’s something out there called karma. Keep it going & hopefully we’ll see more surprises, not soon enough.