12 standouts at the Miss International 2018 swimsuit prelims

For the first time in history, the Miss International beauty pageant held a preliminary swimsuit judging last week.
The 77 candidates showed off their stunning figures in front of an all-female panel of judges at the Ginza Miss Paris in Tokyo, Japan. The prejudging round will help determine this year’s semifinalists.
After careful deliberations by our core group and correspondents on the scene, we picked the 12 ladies that stood out during this event. Here they are:
12 Thailand | Keeratiga Jaruratjamon

11 Spain | Susana Sanchez

10 Mauritius | Ashna Nookooloo

9 Finland | Eevi Ihalainen

8 Paraguay | Daisy Diana Lezcano Rojas

7 Guadeloupe | Sarah Eruam

6 Colombia | Anabella Castro Sierra

5 Romania | Bianca Tirsin

4 Curacao | Diona Angela

3 Ecuador | Michelle Huet

2 Philippines | Ma Ahtisa Manalo

1 Venezuela | Mariem Velazco

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