Miss Earth 2016 Katherine Espin of Ecuador

Miss Earth 2016 winners (from left to right) Miss Earth -Fire Bruna Zanardo of Brazil, Miss Earth 2016 Katherine Espin of Ecuador, Miss Earth-Air Michelle Gomez of Colombia and Miss Earth-Water Stephanie de Zorzi of Venezuela

Complete results of the Miss Earth 2016 pageant:

Miss Earth 2016: Miss Ecuador Katherine Espin
Miss Earth – Air 2016: Miss Colombia Michelle Gómez
Miss Earth – Water 2016: Miss Venezuela Stephanie de Zorzi
Miss Earth – Fire 2016: Miss Brazil Bruna Zanardo
Top 8
Miss Russia Aleksandra Cherepanová
Miss Sweden Cloie Syquia Skarne
Miss USA Corrin Stellakis
Miss Vietnam Nguyen The Le Nam Em
Top 16
Miss Australia Lyndl Kean
Miss England Luissa Burton
Miss Italy Denise Frigo
Miss Korea Chae-Yeung Lee
Miss Macau SAR, China Clover Zhu
Miss Mexico Itzel Astudillo
Miss Northern Ireland Julieann McStravick
Miss South Africa Nozipho Magagula




  1. Congratulations to Ecuador and to the Miss Earth Pagent organization for being impartial. Every single year the Filipino girls were placed in the Top 4 and it was boring to watch the pagent because of the Filipino friendly Trend, Even Miss Philippines was one of the hottest girls in my opinion she was not placed in the top 16, this means the owners of the Pagent are taking seriously more the beauties of other countries. So now I will start watching the pagent every year. Greetings from Mexico

    • You ought to watch it if you really appreciate real beauty inside and out. That’s the way this pageant was meant for., the love and preservation of mother earth……..

  2. Too little, too late. This pageant is already discredited so leaving Philippines out after placing almost every year and winning back to back won’t do it, the world knows this is a Philippines pageant for Philippines women.

    • You are so unfair. The Philippines really deserved to win during those years. They may not be the most beautiful among candidates physically but they were all very prepared for the competition. So, please just be fair!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That’s correct hon. Miss Earth, Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Grand International, Miss Supranational, Miss World are all Philippines pageant for Philippines women because they keep winning and placing in all those beauty contests. Can you be less obvious of your envy to the Philippines? LOL.

    • ME hater spotted.
      Super show last night at the plush MOA Arena. Unique opening number, unbelievable stage and great production.
      Kudos to MEO and Carousel Productions.

    • Why the hate?

      The huge stage, beautiful production, number of delegates and strong support from all sectors make Miss Earth a great pageant wothy of emulation.

  3. Im good with the result but i just hope the MEO should hire professional interpreters. This always happen year after year, so pity with the candidates who deserve to be in top 4 but failed due to interpreter issue. Vietnam is pretty and MEO still have alot to go. On the other hand its very justified that PH bet wasnt on the top 16, hope MEO learn the lesson already. And damn miss venezuela and columbia wer stunning no doubt this year was a latina domination.