Miss Earth Trinidad and Tobago 2015 is Danielle Dolabaille


Danielle Dolabaille has been selected to represent Trinidad and Tobago in the upcoming Miss Earth 2015 pageant. This was announced in June 17 after an extensive casting was conducted across the country. Danielle, a 21 year old model with a bme15tntit of experience in the world of pageantry, will try to lift up the sagging campaign of Trinidad and Tobago at Miss Earth. Her country first participated in the pageant in 2004 with Leah Mari Guevara making it to Top 16. This great achievement was not properly followed up as the country skipped the pageant in 2005 and in 2006. A comeback was made in 2007, only to be followed by a 3 year hiatus.

From 2011-2013, Trinidad and Tobago continuously send a delegate albeit without any encouraging results. It was absent again last year making Danielle’s participation a good comeback for the country at Miss Earth.

With elegant looks and confident aura, Danielle could be the best hope of Trinidad and Tobago at the Miss Earth pageant. Her participation would ensure that her country will be well represented this year at all the Big4 Pageants. Relatively small, Trinidad and Tobago is a actually a successful nation at the Big4 Pageants. It is currently ranked at 43rd at the Big4 Ranking and can boast 3 Big4 crowns, none of which, unfortunately is a Miss Earth crown.