The eco-beauty video that shook the “earth” by storm…


Miss Earth, an annual beauty pageant that promotes environmental awareness and pro-active solutions to mother nature’s problems, will finally leave Asia and is scheduled to be hosted by Austria this month. The grand final gala, to be held in the beautiful city of Vienna on December 5th, will witness the crowning of the next Miss Earth. This is Europe’s first ever hosting of the 15-year-old pageant, which is based in the Philippines.
But before the more than 80 beautiful Miss Earth delegates start to arrive in the old continent, many of them have somehow prepared and armored themselves with a strong support system through their respective social media accounts, and have shared their eco-beauty videos, which is one of the many requirements by the Miss Earth pageant.
Among all the videos which are now available on YouTube via the Miss Earth channel, one has shaken the social media network by storm. The said video has been played more than 30,000 times in less than two days after it was first published, and the number keeps on increasing.

It is that of Mongolia’s Bayartsetseg Altangerel , or simple Bela.


Watching the video itself makes you think if it was meant for a pageant or a National Geographic special. It is educational as well as inspiring. It has touched not just the core values of what Miss Earth stands for, but it has also raised some moral challenges which are directed to us, humans.

Bela co-founded an organization that has so-far planted more than 120,000 trees.

In the video, it is evidently clear that Bela is not up for fame. She showed clips from her documentary film “Back to the Roots”, which was done way before she was crowned Miss Earth Mongolia 2015. She also shared about the organization which she co-founded eight years ago, which has planted more than 120,000 trees in the great Mongolian plains. She also did not fail to mention the nomadic lifestyle of the Mongolians, and how nature was, is and will always be a part of their daily lives; how climate change has made their lives more difficult for not being able to predict weather patterns; and how winters have become warmer and forced the nomads to adapt to such reality.

Whatever Bela said and did in the film, they are all reflections of what a Mongolian and a true earth warrior is supposed to be. More than the glitz and glamour, more than the fake eyelashes and heavy make ups, Bela, who rode a horse at the end of the video, is indeed a woman of the earth. The team involved in the filming of her video, which only lasted for one day, must be very proud of their accomplishment!
Before Bela arrives in Vienna, it is assured that she has already gained the respect of many fans, not just from Mongolia, but all over the world. Miss Earth must feel blessed to have someone like her who has put a great amount of effort and ingenuity to her eco-beauty video, and has given a good heads up for the annual BIG 4 pageant.