MISS EARTH 2014:: If Only She Was There…


MISS EARTH 2014 If Only She Was There



At the conclusion of Miss Paraguay 2014 contest, it is undeniable that the girl on the leftmost side of the photo stood out. That’s when Sendy Cáceres got the attention of the worldwide pageant fans.

Paraguay is one of the few remaining nations that are faithful to the Big4 concept. The national contest crowns 4 women to represent the country at Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss International and Miss Earth. Of the four Paraguayan beauties that were crowned this year, Sendy seems to be the most promising. She appears to have the best chances to bring glory to her landlocked South American nation.
The way Sendy shone at the nationals reverberated at the pre-pageant activities at Miss Earth 2014. Asuncion may be thousand of miles away from Manila but the Sendy magic was still there. She won three awards from the sponsors – Miss Hannah’s Beach Resort Best in Evening Gown, Miss Golden Sunset Resort, Tropical Beauty of the Night. On top of that, in various challenges, Sendy won 2 gold medals and a silver medal.

Sendy’s gold medals were won when she emerged as the best in Group 2 in both Resort and Cocktail Wear. Her silver medal was won when she was adjudged as the second best teacher in the group. With all of these achievements, how can Miss Earth simply deny her a place in the semis?

The 2014 edition of Miss Earth is unfortunately marred by some undeserving placements. Sendy was simply bumped off from the list because some other countries have strategic importance. Or many there are some aspects in the pageant that she failed to nail like say in the closed door interviews.

Whatever the reasons for her exclusion from the semis, it is indeed sad to see such a top class woman relegated into the background. Sendy deserves to be in the semis and if she was only there, she could have given everyone a tough competition.