The Best and Worst of Miss Earth 2014


Best and Worst of Miss Earth 2014

 An annual tradition of Missosology, here are the best and the worst of the Big4 pageant



Miss Spain Zaira Bas
Miss Spain Zaira Bas

Statuesque, curvy and long-legged, Zaira Bas simply owned the stage as if she is the promised winner of the event. That confidence and that I’ve-got-this attitude simply registered well in every missosologist’s sexy-o-meter.

Miss Egypt Nancy Magdy

One of the lowest point in Miss Earth 2014 is the inclusion of Miss Egypt Nancy Magdy in the semis. The moment she stepped onstage, pageant observers were aghast. Her body lacks proper proportion and it is of no wonder why she is labelled by pageant observers as the whale shark of the Nile.


Evening Gown

Miss Philippines Jamie Herrell

One of the reasons why Miss Philippines Jamie Herrell shown that special night is her red shimmering gown. The host told everyone that the gown is supposed to be difficult to wear but Jamie had not shown any sign of it. She strutted onstage with such a bravado showing that red is color of joy and celebration. Oops, sorry Jeannie Mai.

Miss Zambia Cartier Zagorski

National costume? Another one of those weird World Designer creations? No and no. This is Miss Zambia Cartier Zagorski’s gown during the semis. The ensemble is incoherent and the colors do not match the overall mood of the gown. No wonder Cartier did not get past the Top 16.


National Costume

Miss Indonesia Annisa Ananda Nusyirwan

As always, Indonesia has put its heart and mind in dressing their candidates for the national costume contest. The colors of Indonesian tradition and culture come alive in this wonderful national costume of Miss Indonesia Annisa Ananda Nusyirwan. No wonder it took the gold medal in the Asian division of the competition.

Miss Lebanon Amina El Hassan

Picking up the worst costume is a painful process because everyone knew that the girls have put a lot of effort in designing (okay not all of them), transporting and wearing their national costumes. But as one pageant observer puts it, Miss Lebanon Amina El Hassan’s costume was basically a cheap gown with some conical hat. Ouch! Sorry Amina.


Quotable Quote

I will use my title to inspire others, help our environment, and we start with the kids…the kids are the people of tomorrow.

 – Miss Earth 2014 Jamie Herrell in her winning answer during the Q&A


  1. This pageant lacks diversity. Even though Zambia made it to semifinals, the pageant mostly looks for light colored individuals. U.S. Virgin Islands, Zimbabwe and Nigeria had impressive representatives but never made it except for cheap medals. The pageant also had pre pageant scores and medals which don’t make sense. If a contestant got a gold medal, this should be taken consideration for their final scores. Next, what happened to the beauty with a purpose campaign in yahoo? Didn’t they said that the contestant with most votes will be in top 16? Poor India and Nepal. Lastly, Grand Slam pageant took miss earth off its list because it plays favorites. Egypt must have paid something to get to top 16. This is my opinion. Smh,

    • O really? And Global Beauties retained Miss Intercontinental, a 40-something year old joke of a pageant that hasn’t prove anything significant to be considered at par with the 3 most established pioneers, Miss World, Universe & International? Then added a 2 year old pageant with nary a track record to boot on that so-called “grand slam” list just because it has the word ‘grand’ in its title? Which is it really, Grand Slam or Big 4? Wethinks Missosology got it right & BBC couldn’t agree less.

    • FYI, Egypt & Zambia aced their close door interview with flying colors. They may seem to be odd choices, but we give Miss Earth props for overlooking weight over personality (Egypt) and elegance over character (Zambia). Interestingly, these 2 candidates added an interesting mix in the top 16. The whole affair seemed more balance with them in it. It was like watching Glee with Meghan Trainor singing her hit song, All About That Bass in it…And here you are complaining about lack of diversity. Sheesh!

      • Grammar check: I meant, “overlooking weight FOR personality (Egypt) & overlooking LACK OF elegance FOR character (pertaining to Zambia’s national costume-like evening gown.”