Five reasons why Miss Earth remains relevant


Five reasons why Miss Earth remains relevant

by Miss_Twix*


I have been seeing so many criticisms on the 14-year-old Miss Earth pageant, saying that it is just a cheap Miss Universe copycat, a low-budget pageant focusing more on environmental projects within the Philippines, a pageant which has a lot of favoritism and biases and more false allegations. But did people ever think of the positive sides of this pageant? I think when you see the pageant as it is, it will be really easy to judge and criticize. But deep within, this pageant has more to offer; it has many aspects that makes it still relevant today.


Point Number 1: Miss Earth’s very Timely Advocacy

When watching pageants, all we usually ever think of are the beautiful ladies, their bodies, their gowns, the stage in the finals night, etc. Did we ever think of the pageant’s advocacy? As we all know, Miss Earth was introduced to us year 2001 and had this goal of promoting environmental awareness.


Just when we thought that we experienced more problems in the environment because of the rise of new technologies which impedes environmental preservation, including several environmental issues like global warming, this pageant came and advocated care for our mother Earth in the new millennium. This time, pageantry or beauty contest was used as an avenue or instrument to tell people that our efforts in preserving our environment should be doubled in the start of the new millennium.


Point Number 2: Miss Earth’s Unique Concept

Miss Earth also had unique concepts that made it really different from the other major international beauty pageants.

Miss Earth contest used the 4 Classical Elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire to be used as a title for their winner, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up, and 3rd runner-up, respectively. It is the only pageant which used distinctive titles for each of their winners. However, starting in 2010, the three runners-up with elemental titles were declared of equal importance.


Also, in line with the goal of Miss Earth of “environmental awareness”, it is the only pageant which consistently asks questions in their Q & A portion regarding environmental awareness and preservation. This is really helpful especially to the young ones who watch at home to be aware of their actions towards Earth and their environment since one of the campaigns of Miss Earth Org. is to educate the youth on environmental awareness.

Another unique trait of Miss Earth is having a crown which is made of 100% recycled precious metals. Since 2009, they have been giving this crown to the winner. What sets it apart from others is the fact that the gemstones used in the crown were donations from 80 plus participating nations of Miss Earth. These are gemstones that each country is known for either as the origin or source, making the crown really unique and a jack of all trades. The flower in the center of the crown represents Mother Nature as inspired by the statement of Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “The earth laughs in flowers.”


Point Number 3: Participation of Several Countries


Miss Earth in its inception only had 42 participating countries. But in a span 4 years, it already reached the 80 participating nations mark. In 2005, it already had 80 entrants which makes it close with the nations participating in Miss Universe, and it even beats Miss International. It just means that its becoming more publicized since there are many national-level competitions around the world to participate in the finals.

Here are the statistical comparison of participating countries in Miss Earth, Miss Universe and Miss International since 2005.


Additionally, there are rare pageant contestants/countries which graced the Miss Earth stage:  Vida Samadzai who participated in 2003, the first Afghan woman to ever participate in any major international beauty pageant after nearly three decades;


Naomi Zaman who participated in 2006, the first delegate from Pakistan to compete in any international beauty pageant;


Tsering Chungtak who participated in 2006, the first from Tibet to participate in any major pageants;


Ariana Barouk who participated in 2007, the first Miss Cuba in several decades participated in Miss Earth.


Also in 2007, all chinese countries – China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Tibet competed altogether despite political misunderstandings.


Tsokye Karchun who participated in 2008, the first delegate from one of the most isolated countries in the world – Bhutan


Cynthia Azakuba who participated in 2008, the first Miss Rwanda national winner was sent to Miss Earth



Point Number 4: Big 4 Status

In relation to point number 3, despite being a younger pageant compared to other major international pageants, Miss Earth already had several countries participating which made it a highly publicized pageant, one of the factors that makes it a Big 4 pageant. When compared to other international pageants which are 40 to 50 years older, Miss Earth achieved a lot already in a span of 12 years, and this pageant surely has more to offer in the coming decades. So whether you like it or not, Miss Earth is still one of the 4 major international pageants in the world.


Point Number 5: Affiliation with United Nations Environment Program and other environmental groups

Miss Earth foundation was established to serve as the outreach arm of the Miss Earth beauty pageant. It makes Miss Earth’s goals and projects reachable and possible. Miss Earth foundation is not only making projects within the Philippines but also worldwide with its different affiliates and networks. Its main campaign is to educate youth regarding environmental awareness


Miss Earth Foundation aims to increase the level of awareness on the current environmental issues and what action can be done through power of broadcasting and other media campaigns locally, nationally and globally. It organizes campaign and promote projects for Miss Earth winners, as well as candidates, and its counterpart Miss Philippines Earth to be able to reach out to the masses and encourage them to be responsible in caring and preserving the environment locally, nationally and globally such as organizing forums and symposiums. Through projects, it helps build ties among communities and teach the people the value of appreciation towards nature and quality of life. (Source: Miss Earth Foundation web)

Also, Miss Earth titleholder serves as a spokesperson and ambassador for the Miss Earth Foundation, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and other environmental groups.

*Miss Twix is a resident pageant expert in Missosology Forum, where this article was first posted.


  1. I can see the positive aspects of the contest, because everything is clouded by the organizers stubborn trend of crowning Filipinas every single year, not even powerhouse Venezuela who sends strong candidates to all big 4 pageants achieve that. stop crowning the local girl and maybe the world is going to respect Miss Earth

    • what if they really deserve the crown? why can’t they be chosen? and actually, the Philippines had only have 2 crowns, and Venezuela had won ME too. And Philippines had also been considered as a powerhouse, so there is no doubt that they can get into top 4. And why attack ME only? hasn’t it that MU had crowned USA 8 times, and some of them are in their hometown too. If they really deserve the crown and had shown great potential in sharing the ME’s advocacy then she will truly get the title

  2. Irrelevant in all aspects tbh only this pages have waved a big hype about this is a grand slam pageant (clearly isn’t) poor show poor advocacy (jut to try to rely on something meaningful for a change) and is clearly that the local girl always seemed to get good scores wether she’s a good participant or not. It isn’t a grand slam

    • Poor show, poor advocacy? The last time i check, miss earth is one of the international pageants promoting environmental concerns, such as to conserve and preserve the earth.. what about miss international? They are aiming for world peace, stop the wat and etc. There are several countries at war why don’t the org. Value its advocacy.. war is still going on in several cpuntries they shoukd take part… and by the way have u heard what the miss international been doing during her reign.. pssstttt so quiet…

      Am not hater of MI just saying

      • Its true, miss international pageant is the one which didnt evolve,, the concept of the crown was too old, the venue is always in japan, winners are always japanese and the venue and production is not good, its the same every year, it doesnt value other nations, their host dont speak the universal language which is english how do you expect us to understand japanese words its too complicated, it is not even televised in near regions just in japan, they must just call it Miss Japan International. BTW its judges are most japanese, Not a MI hater, just supporting the above comment and its based on what I see..

      • Well is so good that is a real poor show trying to copy other pageants as of this year miss Earth trying to copy poorly miss universe once again

          • everything starts into small beginnings. And in the years and so, those few trees will grow and help into giving fresh and clean air. It does not have to be extravagant or huge, just as long that someone had shown concern and had shown their willingness to help the mother earth,people will start to think twice before they do something that may cause harm to earth. Miss Earth’s advocacy is to reach out and to show to people how we can start into changing. One by one, everyone will notice this changes and soon those few trees that the Miss Earth were planting will be more and more.

  3. I love Miss Earth for all these reasons above! But today, after watching what happened to Miss Brazil in the Q&A section, my feeling towards ME changed. Now, what I think of ME is gross unprofessionalism!

    • I, too, felt pity for Ms. Brazil, i really like her, but then she should have tried in speaking in english since her interpreter is not fluent in the said language. I mean if she had shown how she wanted to articulate her answer, or how hard she had tried to reach out for the judges to understand her, then that may have placed her into top 4.

      And also, it is not the management’s fault, it was the host’s fault, I actually wanted to smack him, he should have asked her if she was finished before he took the mic.

  4. like other pageants, it´s IRRELEVANT..the only ppl benefiting from such events are the organisers and pageant owners…its all about the dollars and cents…

  5. this should be stopped. I do really agree with what Miss Twix said. Miss Earth is relevant and you folks who are commenting that it is only full of biases, again, I have to agree with Miss Twix. You are only watching Miss Earth for fun, but do you understand why Miss Earth is so reliable enough? Miss Earth has been introduced in the Philippines and Philippines is the only sole country that is reliable to the beauty pageant like Miss Earth because we, Filipinos are very hospitable and we welcome international delegations. So, why you will say that the Miss Earth pageant is not reliable? Hey hey hey. Wake up! Before you will know, we are citizens of the Earth. So, stop blaming Miss Earth is not reliable. I believe that Miss Earth is still the most reliable environmental pageant all over the world despite of said to be the “youngest pageant competition” in the world.

    • what have you or your kababayan done to clean up the polluted areas in your own country?…pls don’t try to preach to others what you don’t even practice!!!…now you have 2 ms earth title holders, let´s see what they are capable of doing in helping your country ….don’t just brag about how many queens your country has, lets see actions! otherwise the pageant will be, well,,, IRRELEVANT!

  6. my only concern is. how they judge the non-english speaking girl during closed door interview if they can’t provide the translator in final night?

    • Actually, the delegates were given the chance to choose their interpreters,some decided to not pick one, and providing a translator is the country’s responsibility.

      • yes that’s right,, by the way, brazil has a translator that night, he was just late. He disregards their contestant, he was the one to blame, he must be earlier that night… Its not the fault of Miss Earth Oorganization

  7. There are only two pageants that has advocacy. Only Ms World and Ms Earth.. And iI dont see it as cheap… Not even MU has a solid advocacy. Some some the pageants are bannering thier so called advocacy but not even close to reality, attainable and sustainability(e.g. World peace, stol war). Only fools believes that a beauty pageant can stop war.. With single once of rationality, i cant think of a way bikinis and gown can solve terrorism, boarder conflict, racial survival, religious war, and political drives..

    And by the way i cant help but recognize, what is grand slam? It just sprout somewhere.. The last time i check there were only “big 4” that was recognized by most of pageant specialist and enthusiast. Grand slam is winning atleast 3 time steak then why it is used to determine group or number of pageants… Unless it is translated on a word for word context

    • I totally agree with you, after reading the article above, i began to question MU’s advocacy. And as far as I can see, the winner of ME, which is the Philippines really deserved the crown, she nailed the Q and A, and upon reading what you wrote, I can see that the Philippines are not biased when it comes to choosing the winner. I mean, if they really wanted the crown, why only give their country 2 crowns? and being included in top4, only six times. I can see that those who are hating on the ME are just insecure.

      Philippines is slowly building its name in international pageants, and had been considered as powerhouse.

    • what exact has this pageant contributed to the environment? how come your country is still polluted? or are you only concern about how many pageant titles you country can get? your pageant is no different from those aimless pageants ie mu!

      • How’s stupid? so hiv had stopped now bcoz of Miss Universe? and poverty and hunger had stopped now because I dont think Miss World org can do that. Advocacy means help, contribution, supplementation, awareness, education. It doesn’t mean assurance of stopping the issue. how can be someone so stupid like you? lol

  8. filippin should clean up their backyard first before telling others to clean up theirs…this is a huge humiliation to them…if they any dignity left in them! hahaha

  9. Ms earth is one of the lamest beauty pageant ever. The indonesian esp mostly are whoring to the old man behind it. They are also owned by filipino. All worked by filipino. Those indonesian ms earth lady went for cleaning the street with high heels and taking pictures then go home in 5 mins. Thats ms earth.

  10. Right now, I like Miss Earth as RELEVANT and SIGNIFICANT more than MISS UNIVERSE and MISS INTERNATIONAL because of this article. All of the reasons that makes it relevant and being part of Big 4 pageant is because of those reasons. Aside from that, it is FAIR on its objections. Those winners are chosen based on their ANSWERS. The beauty is not just the physique but also the BRAIN which is necessary to be the environmental ADVOCATE, that is, being MISS EARTH