The Krasa Rossii (Beauty of Russia) 2020 recently concluded on October 28 in Sochi with Albina Koroleva from Yaroslavl winning the top plum.

The 18-year-old TV weather presenter, physical education student and rhytmic gymnast bested around 40 candidates for the crown and the right to represent Russia in the next edition of the Miss Earth pageant.

“Теперь я Краса России 2020! Мне до сих пор не верится, что я буду представлять Россию на международном уровне. Это огромная честь для меня! Выражаю благодарность дирекции конкурса за доверие, я буду с гордостью нести звание Краса России 2020! (Now I am the Beauty of Russia 2020! I still can’t believe that I will represent Russia at the international level. This is a great honor for me! I express my gratitude to the directorate of the competition for their trust, I will proudly carry the title of Beauty of Russia 2020!),” she wrote on Instagram.

Her court included Anastasia Voznyuk (first runner-up and Miss United Continents Russia 2021), Alexandra Glazova (second runner-up), Sesegma Daindarova (third runner-up), Alena Bobkova (fourth runner-up), and Elizaveta Shpak (fifth runner-up).

Russia has yet to win the Miss Earth crown. The country currently ranks 35th in Missosology Big5 Ranking. Missosology.Org; Photos from Krasa Rossii, Albina Koroleva