Missosology’s Miss Earth 2014 5th Hot Picks


Missosology’s Miss Earth 2014 5th Hot Picks

1. Venezuela
2. France
3. Philippines
4. Dominican Republic

5. Tahiti
6. Paraguay
7. Spain
8. US Virgin Islands

9. Puerto Rico
10. Hungary
11. Mauritius
12. South Africa

13. Brazil
14. Scotland
15. Australia
16. Zambia




  • Maria Gabriela Carvajal Suarez

    Go Venezuela

  • Luis

    Hermosísima Miss Venezuela.!!!!! Ella con su Actitud, Inteligencia y Belleza, merece ser Miss Earth 2014..!!!! Éxitos.!!!! Este año debe haber back to back en Miss Earth.

  • Keesoon Lutchmun

    It’s great to see my home country Mauritius in this hot pick. She genuinely has bright chances to be amongst the top 8 finalists. Alankrita Sahai should have been included in this hot pick.

  • yawning…

    well of course, miss filipin must be in the list whether she deserves it or not.