Miss Earth 2014 4th Hot Picks








  • Maria Gabriela Carvajal Suarez

    Go Venezuela

  • guest

    This isn’t the right photo for Miss Tahiti (n°9) in the first picture. The women in the photo is Charlotte Pirroni Miss Côte d’Azur 2014, she is currently competing for Miss France 2015 tittle, not Miss Earth.
    The right photo of Miss Tahiti is in the second picture.

  • Mr. Mexico

    I really hope we can make the network pressure to encourage Miss Earth Peagent for being an impartial beauty peagent because Philippines is always at least at the top 4, of course, is a Philippino beauty peagent, . They should learn from Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International that there are not favoritism for Miss USA, Miss England and Miss Japan, they are democratic