Mister Supranational 2018 First Hot Picks

Text by Pawee Ventura; Graphics by Michael Ralph Montejo
Mister Supranational, one of the largest & most important male pageants in the world goes underway! 40 hunks from around the globe will vie for the title. Amid the excitement that goes along with the preparation and anticipation of this event, let us present our 1st Hot Picks picks.
Mister USA Nicholas Kotselas, a 6’3″ft tall model, fitness enthusiast & restaurateur leads Missosology’s 1st Hot Picks. Not only is he drop-dead gorgeous, this American hunk’s strong presence and very charismatic boyish looks make him a standout in the competition.
Next in line is Mister Mexico Alejandro García whose favouritism among pageant fans sky-rocketed recently after his photo publications were released. This guy exudes innate star quality which will make him all the more attention-grabbing.
In 3rd place is Mister Netherlands Ennio Fafieanie who considers himself a go-getter. His main edge is his smouldering sex appeal and well-sculpted body.
Venezuela‘s Jeudiel Condad, a 28-year-old international model and business administration graduate aims for a back-to-back victory for his country. He is set to make temperatures soar in Poland with his dashing looks.
Rounding up our Top 5 for now is Mister Philippines Marco Poli, a football player and chef who was born and raised in Udine, Italy. He has that magnetic stare down to perfection, not to mention a rippling set of washboard abs.
Take note that our HP is subject to change as the pageant progresses! Check out the complete list here:
1 USA | Nicholas Kotselas
2 Mexico | Alejandro Garcia
3 Netherlands | Ennio Fafieanie
4 Venezuela | Jeudiel Condado Griman
5 Philippines | Marco Poli
6 Norway | Mathias Duma
7 Thailand | Kevin Dasom
8 Puerto Rico | Jose Alfredo Galarza
9 Brazil | Samuel Costa
10. Poland | Jakub Kucner
11 Curacao | Quinton Martina
12 Slovak Republic | Jan Palko
13 Indonesia | Gandhi Fernando
14 Dominican Republic | Daniel Sicheneder Rodriguez
15 Malta | Benoit Bartolo
16 India | Prathamesh Maulingkar

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