ANALYSIS :: The Great Leap Forward



The latest Big4 Ranking suggests that three nations that are ranked outside of the Top 10 made a great leap forward [Check out the post Miss Universe ranking HERE] . These nations are Ecuador, Ghana and Indonesia. After the Miss World and Miss Universe pageants, Ecuador earned 170 points since Constanza Baez landed at the 2nd runner-up position. This is the highest rank for an Ecuadorean beauty at the Miss Universe pageant. However, Ecuador’s bet at Miss World 2013 pageant, Laritza Parraga, was unplaced. This leap of Ecuador from rank 49 in 2010 to rank 45 halfway through the 2013 was largely helped by the twin victories in 2011 when they won the Miss Earth and Miss International pageants. Now Ecuador is making a great headway at Miss Universe and the nation should hope that Constanza is a symptom of an upward trend rather than an aberration.


Ghana on the other hand is proud to have its highest placement in any of the Big4 pageants. Carranzer Shooter proved that the rave reviews about her introduction video are indeed with basis by clinching the second princess and thus the Miss World Africa title. Her Miss Universe counterpart, Hanniel Jamin, however, failed to be in the semis. Halfway through the 2013 pageant season, Ghana already amassed 170 points allowing the country to jump 6 ranks since 2010.


Indonesia is always making big waves and while it is yet to penetrate the Top 5/6 range of any Big4 pageant, the country should be commended for its semis finish in both Miss World and Miss Universe. This good showing allowed Indonesia to emerge from 93rd in 2010 to now on 74th place! This makes Indonesia as one of the fastest emerging nations in the world in terms of pageantry ranking. With this excellent progress, it looks like Indonesia is set to win any of the Big4 crowns within the next 10 years. Well done, Indonesia!