Miss Supranational is now a major international beauty pageant


After an exhaustive deliberation among its core members and an exhaustive vetting process which includes ascertaining the sustainability of the pageant, Missosology would like to announce that the Miss Supranational pageant is now officially a major international beauty pageant. With its spectacular choreography and having adopted an advocacy called “Unity through beauty”, Miss Supranational joins the other four major international beauty pageants – Miss World, Miss Universe, Miss Earth and Miss International – which henceforth shall be collectively called as the Big5 pageants.

Miss Supranational is now getting popular among the worldwide fans and will soon be beamed to various TV channels from around the world. On top of FOX and Starworld, which already broadcasted the 2015 edition, numerous TV stations have expressed interest to broadcast the pageant which, cumulatively, will reach over 140 countries.


Miss Supranational 2015 Stephania Stegman
Miss Supranational 2015 Stephania Stegman

Missosology will now formally cover and promote Miss Supranational. Changes will be made in the website and in our official forum. The Big4 Ranking will now be called as the Big5 ranking and appropriate changes will be made so as to include scores acquired from the Miss Supranational pageant.

The current titleholder of Miss Supranational is Stephania Stegman from Paraguay. Previous winners include Oksana Moria from Ukraine (2009), Karina Pinilla from Panama (2010), Monika Lewczuk from Poland (2011), Ekaterina Buraya from Belarus (2012), Mutya Johanna Datul from Philippines (2013) and Asha Bhat from India (2014).




    • Yes, and they got all their latest crowns in just three years. Miss International 2013-Bea Rose Santiago, Miss World 2013-Megan Young, Miss Supranational 2013-Mutya Datul, Miss Earth 2014-Jamie Herrel, Miss Earth 2015-Angelia Ong and Miss Universe 2015-Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach

  1. Well, that was quick! Can’t wait to see how the inclusion of Miss Supranational in the now-named Big5 will shake up the rankings.

    Also, when will the Timeless Beauty be announced?

  2. I still don’t agree about Big 5 but at any rate, this would mean that Philippines has 13 Big 5 Crowns and the 1st country achieve and won all Big 5 crowns in the world.

  3. Wow, that was quick. Maybe Missosology should have given it more time. I think Miss Supranational was only established in 2009. Don’t you have to earn the right to be called an international beauty pageant?